Current Project

Our current project involves assembling 40,000 pounds of scriptures to fill a container bound for East Timor. Currently, there are only 200 New Testaments in the Tetum language on the island, making it particularly exciting to send a significantly larger quantity to the people there. The container will also include complete Bibles in English and Portuguese.


Thank you for your support!

Our ministry is supported by like-minded churches and individuals. The scriptures are collated, bound or stapled, trimmed, and boxed by individuals and groups of volunteers. The director and representatives raise their own support.


One roll of paper will print 500 Bibles, 2,000 New Testaments, 10,000 scripture portions. A roll of paper costs $1,000.

General Ministry

Donate to the general fund for Bearing Precious Seed of Oshkosh, WI

Modernize Our Machinery

We are in the process of updating our machines so that we can more efficiently produce high quality products.